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BOLO Coffee Company

BOLO Coffee Company is a small batch, artisan coffee roaster that was created by a firefighter/paramedic. We deliver great tasting, freshly roasted coffee right to your doorstep. BOLO Coffee Company supports our first responder community.

BOLO Coffee Company was started by a Utah Paramedic/Firefighter who saw first hand the stress and physical requirements first responders face during a long, and grueling shift.  Coffee is a natural source of caffeine and energy.

BOLO Coffee Company's motto is "Fuel for Everyday Heroes."  These heroes obviously include our firefighters, EMS, police, and military members, but anyone can be a hero.  It might be the nurse that stays with a critical patient, the bystander that lifts a car off a victim, the teacher that runs towards the gunfire, or even that mom who jumps in the pool to save the neighbors child.  Acts of heroism happen every day, and we are here to support and recognize those who go above and beyond to save a life.

Why the name BOLO Coffee Company?  Well, BOLO is an acronym for "Be On the Look Out."  So naturally, we want you to "Be On the Lookout" for our great coffee.